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The Duke of Orange


Thank you for coming to our first Duke of Orange Event on April 15th, 2023!


Congratulations to our first Duke of Orange, J.C. Cortez! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a contestant have to do?

The pageant has three acts.

  1. A 2-minute talent portion (we use the term “talent” loosely!)
  2. An interview question (nothing to prepare!)
  3. A 90 second “air band” performance – lip-synch, guitar, or drums to the song of your choice.

Who are the judges?

To Be Determined

What are the prizes? 

First prize:

  • The title of “The Duke of Orange.”
  • The Duke wins his crown, cloak and scepter
  • Prize money for the Orange Non-profit of his choice.
  • Ride in the Orange May Parade on May 6, 2023
    • His chosen nonprofit receives an entry in the Orange May Parade free of charge

Second place and third place will also be awarded prizes.

What is the time commitment for a contestant?

  • One rehearsal the morning of the pageant
  • Pageant

Who is benefiting from “The Duke of Orange Pageant?” 

Besides the Duke’s chosen nonprofit, the proceeds will go to directly to offsetting the cost of the Orange May Parade. The citizens of Orange are the beneficiaries!