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Business of the Year

Large Business of the Year - Green Cheek Beer Company

Orange  State Of The City

Small Business of the Year - The Potting Shed by Carlisle

Orange  State Of The City

Non-Profit of the Year - Mariposa Women & Family Center

Orange  State Of The City

Nominations for the 2023 Businesses of the Year have ended. Please stay tuned in Summer 2024 for the opening of the new nomination period. 


Large Business and Small Business* of the Year Criteria

  • Nominee must be a member of the Orange Chamber of Commerce in good standing.
  • Business may be nominated by Chamber members, board members, or community members.
  • Nominated business may not be owned by city officials or candidates running for office.
  • Nominee must have been in business for at least 3 years.
  • Nominee must demonstrate one or more of the following characteristics: business growth (increased sales, profitability, expansion), industry innovation, and/or economic support for the city and surrounding region of Orange County
  • Nominee must demonstrate community and/or charity involvement.


* Definition of a Small Business is 50 employees or less.

Non-Profit of the Year

The non-profit organization of the year award is presented to an organization that has made a difference over the past year, enhancing the daily lives of citizens targeted by its services.

  • Significant contributions through its programming and/or activities improving the overall quality of life for the Orange community
  • Demonstration of positive, proactive, ongoing efforts to improve the community – supported by its volunteers, board members, and staff
  • Significant increase in volunteer efforts or numbers of citizens served through its programs/services
  • Significant, substantial contribution in the previous year to the social, civic, or charitable health and well-being of the Orange community
  • Sets itself above the others through its recognized leadership within the community for fostering ongoing community development
  • Member of the Chamber of Commerce and an active presence in the Orange community for at least two years

To check to see if a business is an Orange Chamber member, please visit our membership directory.

The Orange Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors will make the final selection based on the above criteria.

The awards will be presented at the State of the City on October 6, 2023.