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The Chamber

Since 1921, the Orange Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit voluntary membership organization, has served as the voice of business in the Orange community.

The Orange Chamber of Commerce is the leader in enhancing, highlighting, and optimizing the business interests of the community. This is accomplished through creating a strong local economy by representing businesses, promoting the community, and facilitating connections.

The Chamber can be broadly defined as: People working together to solve the economic and socioeconomic problems of the community. People, businesses and professional men and women, who have a common interest and pride in their community and the area which it serves. The Chamber enables people to accomplish collectively what no one of them could do individually.

Orange Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

The strength of the Chamber lies in attracting the greatest number of individuals and firms into membership, thereby creating a pool of resources, natural and human, from which can be drawn ideas, energy, and finances.

Serving as an advocate and a resource, the Chamber provides its members with timely information on economic, legislative, and other factors critical to the success of a local business.