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  • Support the Orange High School Athletes! Support the Orange High School Athletes!

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  • Support the OHS Baseball Program Support the OHS Baseball Program


    Due to the demographics of the students, and their families, most of the players are unable to pay the $250.00 it cost to play baseball at OHS. The kids are allowed to play, but the Boosters try in vain to acquire donations to cover these costs.

    They do a great job to do this, but this leaves no extra monies for things like: upkeep of the field, equipment, baseballs, batting cages, proper bullpens and not just dirt, safety fencing in front of the dugouts on the field side, enough seating areas for families and friends to watch the games, standing areas that aren’t dirt, for families and friends to watch the game etc. Their baseball coach says it’s hard to run a successful program with old equipment.

    For some of these kids, the odds are stacked against them in their everyday life. And with the problems of fundraising, these kids are now having the odds stacked against them on the field. It would be nice to be able to give these kids a nice field and proper safety equipment to play with in hopes they could bring a CIF title to OHS.

    Once a Panther, Always a Panther.

    Please contact Chris Horton for more information and donation options.


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