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Additional Benefits

The Orange Chamber of Commerce wants to help you and your business advertise any job openings that you may have on our social media pages and our weekly e-newsletter, The Weekly Harvest. Requests must be from an active Orange Chamber member. 

Please email us at with:

  • Your logo
  • Job opening(s) and Job descriptions
  • Point of contact 

Certificate of Origin is a document declaring which country a commodity or good was manufactured and contains information regarding the product, its destination, and the country of export. Certificates of Origin may be signed and sealed through the Orange Chamber of Commerce.  

The Orange Chamber of Commerce is delighted to offer this service free-of-charge to our members and is available via appointment only.

If non-members are interested in this service, the pricing per document is $50.

Please contact to set up an appointment. 

The Orange Chamber of Commerce is excited to help you celebrate you and your business on your grand opening and important milestones with a ribbon cutting ceremony! Ribbon Cutting ceremony are a benefit for our members that are in active standing only.

So what happens?

The Orange Chamber is essentially joining you and your party!

  • We provide the ribbon and scissors.
  • We invite our ambassadors and board members to attend
  • We also invite our VIP list of elected officials and other important figures in Orange to attend, but we cannot guarantee that they will be in attendance on the day of your ribbon cutting. 
  • We will market your event on our calendars and social media.

Are you interested in a ribbon cutting ceremony?

Please email with a requested date and time. We ask that you request dates at least 4 weeks in advance.